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Luxurious Hair Extensions & Wigs

Questions & Answers
What is Remy hair?
Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance.
Can I Co-Wash the hair?
Co-washing also known as conditioner washing is a way to clean the hair without the use of shampoo Co-washing is often considered very good for curly hair. Co-washing consist often cleansing the hair with moisturizing conditioner.
Can my hair be colored?
Yes, you can color the hair. Our hair is 100% Remy hair of premium quality and has never been chemically treated ad it can therefore handle the coloring process very well. Please consult with a professional if you will like to color your hair to prevent damaged due to over processing. Remember leave somethings to the professionals
Will wearing a wig damage my own hair?
No, wearing a wig will not damage your hair.
Can the wig be made bigger or smaller to fit my head?
Yes, all wigs can be adjusted to fit your needs, by tightening or loosening the Velcro tabs, located in the back/bottom of the cap. If your wig is still too large secure it with hairgrips/clips.
Do I need a wig cap?
Some women feel more comfortable wearing a wig cap for security reasons. A wig cap can also be used to control long hair that needs to be secured back.
How do I take care of my wig?
Please read the page on caring for your wig.
Can these wigs be cut?
Yes, let your wig can be cut colored and styles, I suggest letting your hairstylist do this if necessary.
Can I wear my new wig straight out of the box?
Your wig is immediately ready to wear.
How do I store my wig?
Wig Beauty recommends you purchase a wig stand or Styrofoam head to use when you are not wearing your wig. If you want to pack your wig away, you can keep it in a box, if there are no creases.
How to Care for a Human Hair Wig?
Protect the wig from an oily appearance by keeping your own hair clean. …
Wash a human hair wig infrequently; wear it for about six times between washings. …
Remove tangles from the wig before washing. …
Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add wig shampoo. …
Place the wig back in the sink. …
Pour conditioner in your hand; the amount will depend upon the bottle’s directions. …
Place the wig in a towel and blot gently to towel dry.