Hair Care


RAW : 

  • The Vietnamese hair is 100% RAW virgin hair
  • The Indian hair is 100% RAW Virgin hair
  • 100% cuticle intact best quality
  • Can be colored 613 
  • Proper care last 2-3 years
  • Highest quality
  • Fuller extensions
  • Blends exactly with natural hair
  • Natural appearance 


  • Brazilian hair is 10A 
  • Can be colored 27 close to 613
  • Proper care can last 1+ years
  • Full extensions
  • Natural appearance
  • Multiple donors
  • Blends with natural hair



How much do the bundles weigh? One bundle weighs 100g.

How much hair do I need for an install? 

1. If you are getting a bob 8-14 inches (2) bundles are recommended.

2. For a full sew in or quick weave (3) are recommended when using inches up to 24.

3. If you are using inches up to 30 (4) bundles are recommended for full luxurious sew in or quick weave style. 

Do you offer wholesale? Yes! You can find it under Package Deals.   

How long does the hair last?

RAW VIRGIN HAIR: Hair can last up to 1-3 yrs or longer with proper hair care techniques .HIGH QUALITY VIRGIN HAIR: Hair can last 1 yr or longer with proper hair care techniques AFFORDABLE VIRGIN HAIR: Hair can last up to 6 months to a year or longer with proper hair care techniques.

Does the hair shed? Just as natural hair, extensions shed as well. Very minimal shedding in high quality virgin and raw virgin, low shedding in affordable virgin line.    

It's time for bed what should I do to my hair?  Before going to bed gently brush your hair with a wig brush or comb through it softly with a wide tooth comb.  If you have straight hair wrapping it is recommended, if you have curly hair braid it into two braids, or you can tie hair in a pony tail and cover it with a silk satin cap, scarf, or bonnet. Never sleep on wet hair!

WARNING: If you use the wrong products on your extensions you may damage your hair which will result in dry hair and tangled extensions. When applying heat to the hair always use a heat protectant. USE ALCOHOL FREE PRODUCTS


Valentino Virgin Hair Salon Bar

Gaynell Curley would like to Introduce to you Valentino Virgin Hair Salon Bar. The Home of wigs for cancer survivors with a Glamorous Look and Celebrity Styles.

Luxury  Extension Specialist

Meet The Founder

Valentino Virgin Hair Salon Bar and the Invisible Lace Collection

Founded during the summer of 2017 Valentino Virgin Hair Salon Bar is a salon bar dedicated to both boosting women confidence and giving them back their power. We believe that being a bad chic starts with your state of mind! We pride ourselves on providing only the best quality hair for our bundles, wigs and hair pieces.

Our founder Gaynell Curley has had a reputable career in the beauty and hair industry since the beginning of her career. Gaynell is a Luxury Extension Specialist in Houston, TX. She works closely with 100% human remy hair manufacturers to ensure that Valentino Virgin Hair Salon Bar stays current with all the latest trends and is cutting edge enough to set our own. It is our desire that when our clients shop with us they experience the best in customer service and product quality. Her goal is to help women who are survivors of their battles with cancer or who are suffering from Alopecia. With a private salon suite and good customer service, we help our clients develop high self-esteem and self-worth Gaynell's ultimate goal is to make any girl feel glamorous, no matter the state of your health.